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The Importance of Oil

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Oil isn’t all the same: For example, you’d be pretty perturbed if you were offered vegetable oil for dipping your bread in and the requirements of your car are equally as specific. Although modern engines still use oil to overcome the physics of friction the … read more

Have you seen the light?

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Now the days are getting shorter most of us will soon drive to and from work in darkness. Recently I’ve seen more and more cars with lights out, sometimes I think motorists just don’t realise how dangerous this is! Of the combinations of lamps out … read more

Winter Driving Tips

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As a motorist it is really important to keep your car in top condition especially during the colder months. You can save yourself money, you will be safer on the roads and will save yourself time and hassle. Something you may be comfortable with, some … read more

Under pressure – a DIY tyre tip

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Tyres are one of the most important parts of a car as they are the only bit that actually touch the road. Having the correct tyre pressure makes your car economical and checking tyre tread is crucial to ensure they are at a safe legal … read more

Total wipeout – another handy tip!

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Ineffective windscreen wipers can often be the cause of an MOT fail and cause poor vision which is obviously dangerous. Take a look at this video to see the simple method to replace them…