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Car services on all makes and models in Leeds

At Motor Marque we service all car brands and manufacturers. We’re competitively priced, pride ourselves on the highest level of customer service and you can even book your service online.

All that the main dealer lacks is offered at Motor Marque, and the best bit, your friend or family member with a different make of car can also experience the wonderful customer service levels that come as standard from Motor Marque because we service all makes and models of vehicle.

  Full Major  
1 Check for damage to body work
2 Fit protective covers
3 Visual tyre check
4 Check warning lights
5 Carry out initial road test
6 Brake performance on road test
7 Clutch performance on road test
8 Check vehicle history
9 Check timing belt interval
10 Check Spark Plug interval
11 Check Fuel Filter interval
12 Check condition of windscreen
13 Check washers & wipers condition and air conditioning
14 Horn operation
15 Check operation of heating and air conditioning
16 Check operation of park brake and travel
17 Check condition and operation of seatbelts
18 Check operation of lights and switches
19 Check condition and security of mirrors
20 Check condition and operation of lamps
21 Check fuel cap
22 Check coolant systems for leaks & condition
23 Condition of anti-freeze/coolant
24 Check condition & level of brake fluid
25 Check auxiliary drive belts & tensioners (where visible)
26 Check engine breather system including vacuum pipes
27 Check battery condition and security
28 Check and top up power steering reservoir
29 Check and top up all under bonnet fluid levels
30 Carry out underbody inspection for corrosion & damage
31 Check condition of steering components
32 Check condition and security of suspension
33 Check condition of gaiters
34 Check all wheel bearings for free play & roughness
35 Check fuel lines for condition & leaks
36 Check brake pipes for condition & leaks
37 Check exhaust system for condition & leaks
38 Check condition and security of mountings
39 Remove wheels & inspect condition
40 Check brake flexible hoses & connections
41 Check brake callipers for free movement & leaks
42 Visibly check front brake pads for condition & wear
43 Visibly check front brake discs for condition & wear
44 Visibly check rear brake pads for condition & wear
45 Visibly check rear brake discs for condition & wear
46 Inspect, measure, report condition, operation & wear of front brakes
47 Inspect, measure, report condition, operation & wear of rear brakes
48 Remove rear brake drums, measure & report condition
49 Inspect rear brake cylinders for free movement & leaks
50 Check handbrake cables for operation & condition
51 Check tyre pressure & adjust (if required)
52 Check tyres for condition & wear, report measurements
53 Remove engine undertrays/access panels
54 Check engine and gearbox mounts for wear
55 Visually inspect radiator & coolant pipes/hoses for security & leaks
56 Check engine sump & components
57 Remove sump plug & drain oil
58 Replace engine oil filter
59 Refit sump plug with new seal/washer (if applicable)
60 Refill engine with specified grade oil to recommended level
61 Check power steering hoses & pipes
62 Check & top up transfer gearbox fluid (if applicable)
63 Additional checks as per manufacturers schedule
64 Refit wheels, set wheel torque
65 Replace spark plugs if due & required (at extra cost)
66 Strip covers & replace air filter
67 Access & replace pollen/cabin filter
68 Carry out road test
69 Re-check engine oil level
70 Lubricate door hinges
71 Lubricate latches and locks
72 Visibly check exhaust emissions
73 Rest service indicator (where applicable)
74 Stamp service book (where applicable)
75 Place locking wheel device in high visibility grab bag

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We are registered members of the Good Garage Scheme which assures customers that we perform services to a strict standard and will always have your best interests at heart.

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We are also registered members of the West Yorkshire Trading Standards Motor Trade Partnership.

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